LKWD Jobs helps companies find and hire employees in Lakewood, Monsey, Brooklyn, and the 5 Towns.


LKWD Jobs is a recruiting firm that places employees with

companies in Lakewood, Monsey, Brooklyn, and the 5 Towns. 


We help our clients hire employees for the following positions:

  • Accountant

  • Accounting Supervisor

  • Accounts Payable (A/P) Manager 

  • Accounts Payable (A/P) Representative

  • Accounts Receivable (A/R) Manager

  • Accounts Receivable (A/R) Representative

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Attorney 

  • Bookkeeper

  • Case Manager

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)

  • Commercial Insurance Employee

  • Controller

  • Customer Service Agent

  • Customer Service Representative (CSR)

  • Developer

  • Executive Assistant

  • HR Manager

  • HR Assistant Director

  • HR Director

  • HMO Biller

  • Human Resources Associate

  • Human Resources Manager

  • Legal Assistant

  • Marketing Assistant

  • Marketing Manager

  • Medicaid Applications

  • Medicaid Specialist

  • Medicaid Supervisor

  • Medical Biller

  • Medical Billing Manager

  • Office Admin

  • Office Manager

  • Paralegal

  • Payroll Associate

  • Payroll Manager

  • Project Coordinator

  • Purchasing Manager

  • Purchasing Representative

  • Real Estate Assistant

  • Recruiter

  • Receptionist

  • Secretary

  • Title Officer

  • Tracker



Sarah Leah Blatter, Founder and Recruiter

​A natural connector with over a decade of recruiting and management expertise, Sarah Leah launched LKWD Jobs in June 2017 to connect skilled candidates with successful companies. In the course of her recruiting career, she has interviewed thousands of candidates. Her clients appreciate her keen eye for talent and track record for delivering swift results. Sarah Leah manages an accomplished team of recruiters who work together to find clients their ideal employees quickly. She earned her BA from Columbia University.

Dorit Gindi, Recruiter

Working in recruiting for more than four years, Dorit has helped match countless qualified candidates with jobs they love. With a background in sales and fundraising, she is a strong communicator and skillful networker. Both clients and candidates appreciate Dorit’s genuine desire and commitment to helping them succeed. Passionate about her family, when Dorit isn’t working, she loves spending time with her four young children.

Anna Stoltzman, Recruiter

A natural people person, Anna’s success as a recruiter is fueled by her passion for helping candidates actualize their potential. She draws on her background in human and behavioral sciences to astutely connect individuals with the positions and companies best suited to their unique strengths and skill sets. Candidates appreciate her kindness, confidence and perseverance as she works to find the most optimal placements.

Tehila Elefant, Recruiter

Tehila is systematic, detail-oriented and outgoing by nature – qualities which enable her to succeed in the fast-paced, field of recruiting. A professional organizer, she skillfully synchronizes between the complex needs of companies and candidates to swiftly find mutually beneficial matches. Tehila facilitates interviews and interacts with clients and candidates to efficiently fill desirable positions.

Devorah Dembovsky, Recruiter

With a professional background in operations management, IT and administration, Devorah was attracted to the quick-paced nature and multifaceted demands of recruiting. Prior to joining LKWD Jobs, Devorah worked as the operations executive of a successful nonprofit organization. A friendly “people person” and effective communicator, she enjoys helping people by matching skilled candidates with appropriate positions that bring out their strengths. Both clients and prospective employees appreciate Devorah’s drive to succeed at the task at hand, strong work ethic, quick thinking and knack for organization. Her executive operational management experiences makes her a valuable addition to our recruitment team.

Chaya Rochel Vatch, Recruiter

Chaya Rochel is a recruiter with over twenty years of experience in client relations. Her innate ability to connect with others, strong communication skills and efficiency are all qualities that make her the perfect addition to the LKWD Jobs team. With her thorough and attentive style, Chaya Rochel consults with both clients and candidates, making sure to fully understand the needs of the client and the qualities of the candidates throughout the interview process. Driven by a passion to help others, Chaya Rochel finds meaning in facilitating the ideal placement for each candidate quickly and seamlessly. When she is not working hard to network and arrange interviews, Chaya Rochel enjoys spending quality time with her large family.

Tzini Rosenberg, Recruiter

As LKWD Jobs’ marketing and recruitment coordinator, Tzini is focused on finding the perfect candidate for every client. With her sharp eye for detail and expert editing skills developed during nearly a decade as a medical transcriptionist, Tzini creates detailed and clear recruitment marketing campaigns which she manages over various social media platforms. Tzini’s knack for details, her get-it-done outlook and her passion for connecting with people have helped her successfully facilitate many perfect client-candidate matches.



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